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Find and fix security issues as you code

Write more secure code from the start with security analysis built into your development workflow. GitHub Advanced Security helps you find and address security issues in your code earlier, improving the security of your projects.

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A security review with every git push

Code scanning scans your code for security issues as you write it, and integrates the results natively into the developer workflow. Schedule security analysis to run on every push and every pull request on a schedule or ad-hoc.

See security scanning results on your pull requests as part of code review.

Integrate any static application security testing (SAST) engine. Use CodeQL, an open source engine, or any commercial third-party SAST tool.

Audit changes to your code in response to a security scanning result.

Monitor results across codebases in a centralized view, allowing you to prioritize the most important issues.

Export results via our API and listen for new alerts via webhooks.

Find critical vulnerabilities and eradicate them, forever

CodeQL is a revolutionary semantic code engine that queries your code as data. Find security issues deep in your code. CodeQL’s powerful analysis can trace data flows through your application to identify vulnerabilities like SQL injection and remote code execution.

Focus on real results, not false positives. CodeQL’s security queries have been refined to deliver industry-leading fix rates—60% of reported issues in 2020.

Leverage the CodeQL community. CodeQL comes with 2,000+ queries created and supported by GitHub and the community, all of which are open source.

Create custom queries for bespoke problems. Find every instance of a bug across your codebases, then check every future git push for reversions automatically.

Secure your code

Discover and manage hard-coded secrets

Secret scanning watches your repositories for known secret formats and notifies you as soon as secrets are found.

Get notifications for 45+ secret providers including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, npm, Stripe, and Twilio in the developer workflow.

Mark notifications as fixed, false positive, or won’t fix.

Secure software from the start

Whether you’re contributing to an open source project or choosing new tools for your team, your security needs are covered.