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content as structured data, powering @remarkjs, @rehypejs, @retextjs, and @redotjs, used to build things like @mdx-js, @prettier, @gatsbyjs, and so much more!


unified is two things:

  • unified is a collective of 500+ free and open source packages that work with content as structured data (ASTs)
  • unified is the core package to inspect and transform content with plugins

Different kinds of content can be connected together. Particularly, markdown, natural language, HTML, XML, and JavaScript are frequently used.

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  1. unified unified Public

    ☔️ interface for parsing, inspecting, transforming, and serializing content through syntax trees

    JavaScript 4.2k 105

  2. Public

    Site for unified

    JavaScript 39 25

  3. collective collective Public

    How the unified collective is governed

    JavaScript 49 4

  4. awesome-unified awesome-unified Public

    Curated list of awesome unified resources

    112 4

  5. unified-engine unified-engine Public

    Engine to process multiple files with unified

    JavaScript 53 24

  6. unified-args unified-args Public

    Create CLIs for unified processors

    JavaScript 29 6


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