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The solution Azure DevOps Management Reports that support Azure DevOps organizations to have administrative reports like Branch Policies, Board Settings, User and Permissions, etc.
Support gauteh’s open source work (
I am open source developer dedicated to the observability, machine to machine interfaces, and development environment ergonomics.
I'm an avid computer science student, programmer, educator, and lifelong learner of information technology.
I'm a PHP/Laravel developer who spends a lot of time working with Open Source and the PHP community.
Tidepool is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The data behind diabetes management can be overwhelming — understanding it all is empowering. Turn your diabetes data points into accessible, actionable, and meaningful insights with Tidepool.
Hello, I'm Andrew - engineer and open-source developer. Creator of [Rubix ML](
I write open source libraries, usually based on my own real world needs. The more popular ones are Postgres.js, Flems, Wright. Other good ones, but overlooked are bss, pws and ubre.
We're building the fastest wiki and knowledge base for growing teams
We help organizations to assess, monitor and reduce the environmental impacts of their ICT services. Tools we develop, data we gather and methodologies we build, end up publicly accessible and under free/libre licences whenether possible.
IMG Funnels is a HighLevel Agency Leverage partner and a Managed Service and SaaS Provider. We provide software for marketing agencies and niche customers from all over the world.
Creator of Fusion, Vanilla, the Elttob Suite and Blox. Building Roblox projects with design, sound, and code.
Most of my work is concentrated on filmmaking related software projects, for example through my betterfountain vscode extension, which makes writing screenplays in vscode easier and better than ever before.
Purple Kingdom Games are a small band of hobbyists who are building free tools and software for gamers and game developers alike! We take on anything we’re excited about from simple tools to full blown game engines!


Hi there 👋 I'm a computer science student working on various projects. Currently I'm heavily invested in Auto Dark Mode, an application that switches Windows themes based on time.
Cloud Posse is a DevOps Accelerator that helps companies own their infrastructure in record time by building it with you and then showing you the ropes. Everything we do is 100% Open Source under APACHE2.
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