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Exactly what you’re looking for.

With GitHub code search, your code—and the world’s—is at your fingertips.

Search, navigate, and understand your team’s code—and billions of lines of public code.

Fast, relevant results

GitHub code search understands your code—and brings you relevant results with incredible speed.

A power user's dream

Search using regular expressions, boolean operations, keyboard shortcuts, and more.

More than just search

Dig deeper with the all-new code view—tightly integrating browsing and code navigation.

Way more than grep.

GitHub code search can search across multiple repositories and is always up to date. It understands your code, and puts the most relevant results first.

Suggestions, completions, and more. Use the new search input to find symbols and files—and jump right to them.

Powerful search syntax. Know exactly what you’re looking for? Express it with our powerful search operators.

Meet the all-new code view.

Dig deeper into complex codebases with tightly integrated search, code navigation and browsing.

Code navigation. Instantly jump to definitions in over 10 languages. No setup required.

File browser. Keep all your code in context and instantly switch files with the new file tree pane.

Code search makes it effortless to quickly find what I'm looking for in my code, or across all of GitHub
Keith Smiley Software Engineer
Code search turns what would've been a ~10 minute grep search into a 2 second UI search
Marco Montagna Platform Engineer

Find more, search less

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to set up my repositories to support code navigation?

No, code navigation works out of the box, with zero configuration required.

Who can search my code?

Public code is searchable by anyone, but private code can only be searched by users who have access to it.

How much does the new code search and code view cost?

The new code search and code view are free for users of