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Awesome ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot developed by OpenAI





  • QuickGPT - Access the ChatGPT web UI from the menu bar, Dock, or using a keyboard shortcut on macOS.
  • MacGPT - Native macOS app with a global prompt and also a web UI wrapper.
  • Chatterbox - Native macOS app that can be shown with a keyboard shortcut.
  • WriteMage - Native macOS app to use ChatGPT in any app. ($)
  • PaletteBrain - Native macOS app to use ChatGPT in any app. ($)
  • Machato - Native macOS app. ($)
  • wonderGPT - Native macOS app with a focus on simplicity.
  • Petey - Native iOS and watchOS app. ($)
  • IntelliBar - macOS app that can be shown with a keyboard shortcut. ($ · Electron)
  • Ask AI - Native watchOS app. ($)
  • Chat Answer - Native iOS and Android app.
  • Chat AI Desktop App - Cross-platform web UI wrapper.
  • ChatGPT Desktop Application - Cross-platform web UI wrapper. (Electron)
  • ChatGPT Android - Native Android app.
  • ChatARKit - iOS app for creating AR experiences with natural language.
  • Delphi ChatGPT - Native cross-platform app.
  • Chatbox - Cross-platform app.
  • Short Circuit - Native iOS and macOS app with support for Siri, Shortcuts, and more. ($)
  • ChatBoost - Native Android app with support for Azure voice, custom prompts, and more. ($)
  • Developer Duck - Native developer-focused macOS app with Xcode plugin and command line support. ($)
  • Hello History - Chat with historical figures on iOS and Android. ($)
  • Actions - Use ChatGPT from the Shortcuts app on iOS and macOS.
  • EasyChat AI - Native Windows app using the latest Windows 11 design lanquage.
  • pgMagic - macOS app that lets you query your PostgreSQL database using natural language. ($)
  • Atua - macOS app to use ChatGPT in any app. ($)
  • 16x Prompt - Cross-platform app to add source code and formatting instructions into prompt for coding tasks. ($)
  • AI Chat - Cross-platform app that provides quick access to chatbots like ChatGPT from the menu bar. (Electron)

Web apps

Hosted and self-hosted

  • ShareGPT - Share permanent links to ChatGPT conversations.
  • Anse - Alternative ChatGPT web UI.
  • chatbot-ui - Alternative ChatGPT web UI.
  • ChatGPT Next Web - Alternative ChatGPT web UI.
  • roomGPT - Generate your dream room.
  • DocsGPT - Documentation assistant.
  • promptsandbox - Visual programming tool for experimenting with ChatGPT.
  • Adrenaline - Talk to your codebase.
  • DeepWrite AI - Blog post generator.
  • Chat with GPT - Open-source ChatGPT web app with a voice.
  • FastChat - An open platform for training, serving, and evaluating large language model based chatbots.
  • kindle-gpt - Search and chat on your Kindle highlights.
  • eslint-gpt - Generate ESLint rules from example code.
  • chatgpt-i18n - Localize your websites.
  • AgentGPT - Autonomous AI agents in your browser.
  • OP Vault ChatGPT - Give ChatGPT long-term memory using the OP Stack (OpenAI + Pinecone Vector Database).
  • chatgpt-demo - Minimal web UI for ChatGPT.
  • pdfGPT - Interactive conversations with the contents of PDF files.
  • Chat Chat - Your own unified AI interface.
  • VLog - Convert videos to documents.
  • Ask-Anything - ChatGPT with video understanding and communication.
  • TaskMatrix - Combines ChatGPT with Visual Models for enhanced image-chat interactions.
  • OpenChat - Personalized ChatGPT chatbot.
  • gpt-code-ui - Code interpreter integrated with ChatGPT.
  • ai-chatbot - Personalized ChatGPT AI chatbot.
  • Open Interpreter - Code interpreter with ChatGPT.
  • Web3-GPT - Deploy smart contracts with ChatGPT.
  • CometLLM - Open-source UI to log, visualize, and search your prompts, chains, and prompt variables.
  • OpenAgents - Open-source replicate of ChatGPT Plus products including code interpreter, plugins and web browsing.


  • TypingMind - Alternative web UI.
  • ChatKit - Refined ChatGPT UI with support for plugins and accessing external resources.
  • - Ask anything about your files.
  • Epic Music Quiz - Create your own custom music video quiz.
  • FlexGPT - Like ChatGPT but for pros, with long-term memory, internet access, unlimited GPT-4, and no subscription.
  • LearnGPT - Title-based book creation. ($)
  • Wielded - Web UI that works for OpenAI, Azure, Anthropic, and AWS Bedrock. Free for individuals.


  • Auto-GPT - An experimental open-source attempt to make GPT-4 fully autonomous.
  • ChatGPT-Paper-Reader - Read and summarize academic papers.
  • Sidekick - Connect external data to ChatGPT APIs through a dashboard.
  • twitterbio - Generate your Twitter bio.
  • Beelzebub - Secure honeypot framework.


Browser extensions

User scripts


CLI tools

  • Assistant CLI - Use ChatGPT from the command-line.
  • SearchGPT - Connect ChatGPT with the Internet.
  • chatgpt-conversation - Have a conversation with ChatGPT.
  • CLI for ChatGPT - Interactive interface for ChatGPT.
  • chat-gpt-ppt - Automatically generate PowerPoint presentations.
  • StackExplain - Have your error messages explained in plain English.
  • clevercli - ChatGPT-powered command-line utilities.
  • README-AI - Automatically generate README files.
  • aicommits - Automatically generate Git commit messages.
  • happycommit - Automatically generate Git commit messages.
  • commit-assist - Automatically generate Git commit messages.
  • cz-git - Automatically generate Git commit messages.
  • ai-commit - Automatically generate conventional Git commit messages.
  • gptcommit - Git hook for authoring commit messages.
  • autodoc - Automatically generate codebase documentation.
  • GPT3 WordPress Post Generator - Generate WordPress blog posts.
  • aiac - Infrastructure-as-Code generator.
  • tenere - Terminal interface (TUI) for ChatGPT written in Rust.
  • shellChatGPT - Use ChatGPT from the command-line.
  • Shell Genie - Interact with the terminal in plain English.
  • ShellGPT - Use ChatGPT from the command-line.
  • chatGPT-shell-cli - Use ChatGPT from the command-line. Shell script.
  • aifiles - Organize and manage your files using AI.




API clients


  • chatgpt.js - Easy interaction with the ChatGPT DOM.
  • Vercel AI SDK - An open source library for building AI-powered user interfaces.


  • GPTCache - Semantic cache to store responses from LLM queries.
  • knowledge-gpt - Extract knowledge from information sources.


  • doctorgpt - Diagnosing web app log errors with ChatGPT.



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